JP 21 FOUNDATION Vision to inspire minds, provide opportunities and to be an instrument for change, we want kids in a vulnerable society to be afforded opportunities to make their dreams come true. Make a tangible and meaningful contribution to society. It is our wish to increase our resources Founded in 2015, JP21 FOUNDATION is dedicated to revitalizing the game of cricket in under developed communities and schools. Communities riddled by gang violence and substance abuse. With a population of over 1 MILLION PEOPLE, the JP21 FOUNDATION has an opportunity to make a real impact in the children’s lives within this community. Critical to our objectives is to promote positive SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT, SKILLS DEVELOPMENT and making CRICKET ACCESSIBLE to all learners. We do this by, equipping learners holistically from social development interventions to promoting healthy lifestyle living and importantly creating a spirited environment. In Addition, the project endeavours to IDENTIFY and DEVELOP TALENT and skills of learners and provide a specialized program for this. The benefits of sport in young learner’s lives has been proven, Learners are encouraged to stay in school, the program has seen results of kids improving their social behaviour and academic work rate and many teachers provides testimony to it’s a result of the JP21 PROJECT. The JP21 Foundation offers a sustained and effective program to impact these young kids, with over 2000 kids participating each week.