JP21 Winter Programme Wrap Up


Jp21 Project Winter Programme 2017, was a great success! Every year we try and improve the offering in all aspects of our programme.

This year we added an additional day, for the first time we included girls, which initially we intended to host them for one day, however the interest and excitement from the girls demanded us to host them for all four days.
A total of 50 kids were selected from the school league that is hosted and facilitated by the JP21 Project; a base from 35 schools to select from, the biggest of its kind.

The winter programme is designed to further develop the skills of the learners with greater emphasis on life skills as we had 3 sessions this year that spoke to the theme of this year’s event, #todream #showcourage #sayno #setgoals

• Gary Kirsten and is academy facilitated a cricket session
• MOT SA hosted the life skills component
• JP DUMINY gave an iiring motivational talk
• Enhanced Sport providing the last coaching session.

We would like to thank the parents, schools, service providers and importantly the sponsors for making this year’s programme an exciting one.

Thank you to Peninsula Beverages, WPCC, ENS, RONDERBOSCH BOYS HIGH, GARY KIRSTEN ACADEMY AND ENHANCED SPORT for their support and commitment to the project’s success.

Click here to view SABC TV interview clip.